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In 2017, Angola will put its satellite into orbit


Within the framework of the ANGOSAT bilateral Angola – Russia space project, an Angolan satellite will be put into near-earth orbit in the first six months of 2017.
The statement was made upon the results of the work of the inter-ministerial delegation which visited Moscow between June 2nd – 5th, 2014. The delegation consisted of Jose Carvalho da Rocha, Telecommunications Minister of Angola, José Luís de Matos, Minister of Social Communication, and Adão do Nascimento, Minister of Higher Education.
The delegation from Angola of which the Ambassador of Angola to Russia, Joaquim Augusto de Lemos was also part, stated that Russian companies involved in the project had created the necessary conditions to fulfill the project successfully and on time thus making it possible for Angola to achieve great progress in this important area of high technologies.
The ANGOSAT project will furnish the country´s telecommunications with a nation-owned satellite with its optic-fiber and micro-wave communications network which will provide the coverage of the entire Angolan territory at a high technological level.

angosat espaco sideral 2014

Communication satellite

ministro telecomunicações jose carvalho da rocha 2014

Minister of Communications and Information Technologies,
Jose Carvalho da Rocha

ministro comunicacao social jose luis de matos 2014

Minister of Social Communication of Angola,
Jose Luis de Matos

ministro ensino superior adao do nascimento 2014 2

Minister of Higher Education of Angola,
Adao do Nascimento

embaixador angola joaquim augusto de lemos 2014 PORT RUS INGL

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Angola to Russia,

Joaquim Augusto de Lemos